Benefits of maintaining your air conditioning

The benefits of maintaining your air conditioner

Enjoy the comfort of an air conditioning system without spending too much.

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems consume most of the energy you use on a daily basis. Furthermore, if the evaporator is dirty, the blower will be working for longer and will have to consume more power, which will be reflected in your electricity bill. And if that weren’t enough, the pressure on the refrigerant could rise and subject the compressor and other system components to unnecessary wear and tear. Follow these recommendations so that this does not happen and you do not consume too much:

Clean the evaporators. Yes, both of them.

The machine that is usually installed in the attic or the closet has an evaporator, which should be free from any impurity that could obstruct the passage of air. Otherwise, when it comes to transfer the heat transported by air from your house to the cooler, it won’t be able to this efficiently, which will keep the condenser blower operating for longer. The condenser should be cleaned so that the system works properly.

Change the air filter.

We recommend changing the air filter once a month, since if the system’s evaporators and filter are dirty, this is sure to increase pressure and power consumption, and corrective maintenance will be required.

Let Rio Air do the job. By signing an annual maintenance policy, you will enjoy the benefit of keeping your air conditioning system operating correctly. Contact us and ask about our prices.