Digital Thermostat controlled via Wifi

Ecobee and Nest thermostats have revolutionized how we use air conditioning systems in a smart way. Today, not only can you turn your air conditioner off and on, the Nest Thermostat for instance, learns yours and your family’s habits so that it automatically adjusts to help you save power by means of a motion sensor. It also enables you to see the temperature inside and outside your house and you can even change the thermostat temperature online or by using own mobile app.

You will receive a monthly email informing you of your air conditioning system’s power consumption.  It also calculates Kw consumption by multiplying it by the price per Kw in order to generate statistics on your saving per month. You will keep the historical data.

These thermostats are compatible with most brands in cold only, cold and hot and heat pumps. They can also be compatible with some commercial systems and are easy to install and configure.