How do you choose your air conditioning contractor?

Do you want to know how to find an air conditioning contractor you can trust and let into your home?


Does the contractor have a HVAC/R License?

Let me tell you how to find it out. HVAC businesses specializing in air conditioning, heating, air quality and refrigeration need a license issued by the State of Texas in order to operate. This is obtained after going through the certification process that serves to validate knowledge on the responsible handling of the different refrigerant gases used for the different residential and commercial air conditioning systems and also for refrigeration systems. The licenses are classified according to tonnage: one of them is for working on systems no larger than 25 tons and the other has no tonnage limit. Furthermore, holders of these licenses must be insured against liability for at least 1 million dollars so they can be answerable to any damage caused to your property. The agency responsible for the rigorous control of this area is the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. You can find licensed technicians using this government search engine and can filter by city or zip code to identify those who are geographically closer to you. You can see this option when you click on the link.

Rio Air’s license TACLB017479E is directly endorsed by the owner of the business, Antonio “Tony” Lerma.

What experience does he have in HVAC?

There are currently many young entrepreneurs taking technical courses in air conditioning in order to start their own business or work at an established company. We encourage them to keep studying and stay up-to-date with new systems, materials and products in order to provide a professional service.

At Rio Air we have 21 years’ experience, so we are familiar with, understand and have mastered any residential or commercial central air conditioning system, and any modern or old refrigeration system. The Rio Air technicians are my sons and we are committed to offering you total quality in our services with the honesty that distinguishes us and the reputation that backs us up in the Texas valley.

Is your air conditioning contractor established?

Established businesses can be easily found when needed, which means that we are trusted. Of course, our operating costs are higher, but we give you the security of continuity, since our office is owned by Rio Air and is not rented. Furthermore, we expect our business to grow thanks to the acceptance of our clients and the quality of the services and products we offer. Would you like to be one of our clients? Call me and I’ll talk to you personally.

”Tony” Lerma

Equipment is very important

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems require precision instruments and tools that can carry out superheat or subcooling (procedures to adjust the correct operation of your air conditioning). To carry these out we need electronic instruments that measure the ambient temperature and injection temperature of your air conditioning system. Based on the temperature and type of cooler you have, we load your refrigerant system so you do not have to worry about it at any time of the year. You system will be configured at all times in accordance with your equipment supplier´s specifications. Does your air conditioning supplier carry out these procedures?

Customer service

You can call our office or, if you feel more comfortable talking directly to a member of our work team, you can consult our digital business cards to find our telephone numbers and emails.


Antonio “Tony” Lerma

Antonio Lerma Jr

Luis Lerma

Cesar Olivares


Technicians specializing in air conditioning or refrigeration

Do you need an air conditioning specialist? You’ve come to the right place. At Rio Air we keep studying and examining new products and innovative techniques so that we can help optimize your system. We can help you select equipment according to your needs.

Friendly financing

You may not have the money to spend when you need to replace your air conditioning equipment. This is why we offer financing plans. Ask us about them.