What brand of air conditioning system should you choose?

Answer these questions before buying an air conditioning system:

  1. How many tons of air does your house need?
  2. Do you want air conditioning and electric heating?
  3. ¿Do you prefer air-conditioning with heat pump?
  4. What efficiency of SEER will you buy?
  5. Should it be necessarily a R-410a coolant?
  6. Do you want a two-stage variable speed compressor?
  7. Would you like it to have the standard one speed indoors and outdoors?

Nowadays there is a wide assortment of HVAC brands and variants. That could confuse you when you choose what to buy.

The first thing you should know about it is that your HVAC provider has a preferred brand that wants to sell you. And, if you want something else, they will raise the price to persuade you to buy the one they offer.

The warranty of the appliances is very important. That is why you shouldn’t forget to register them online directly on its brands website. That is the only way you can be sure that they will respect the warranty. The due date of the warranty for the compressor can range from 10 years to life, and the internal machine can have a minimum of five up to 10 years of coverage. Most of them offer a year of service.

Once you have chosen a brand, tonnage, type of heating, and SEER efficiency, keep the documentation of the purchase and the contract you signed with the air conditioner provider. We would be pleased to be your supplier at Rio Air soon.

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